This isn’t sims but.. Look how shiny my hair is after washing it for the first time in a week! (no cones!)

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Tiny update on the sixth form front, I changed Chemistry for Business Studies (hopefully I won’t regret this, but the workload seemed like way too much for me) and am trying to stretch washing my hair to every 7 days (every monday)!

oo wow that’s a long time! atm i’ve only managed 4 days and by the 4th it’s like eeewwwww. how do you get better? just less washing i guess

Since switching to shampoo bars my hair gets a lot less oily so it’s not really gross now just looks oily but I can put up with that if I get the results! This way my showers will be under 5 minutes long! (On non hair wash days x3) Your hair takes a little while to get used to it but your scalp will stop producing so much oil soon enough! I’m going extreme strait away going from every 1-2 days to every 7 days but you can stretch gradually if you can’t put up with the greasies.

Tiny update on the sixth form front, I changed Chemistry for Business Studies (hopefully I won’t regret this, but the workload seemed like way too much for me) and am trying to stretch washing my hair to every 7 days (every monday)!

you can do itttt! and even if you can’t, it is going to be alright anyway! c:

I am kind of terrified by the Chemistry course and of course being me I left the entire thing until the last minute, and I mean last minute. 4 A levels seems like too much! I’m sure it will be fine but I feel like such a failure already. 

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hmm, so would getting a gel organic sls free shampoo work the same? i used to use those but that was back when i could make myself shower every day so idk about the grease factor. side note though have you tried the oil cleansing method? i think you

I’m thinking so but i’m not sure. :/ I only used my trial sized bottle to get the coconut oil out of my hair XD but it left it really nice and clean and my hair didn’t get greasy for days- (i am on day 4 without washing my hair and it has yet to get as greasy as it did the day after washing using regular shampoo, baking soda is your friend! :D).

I have not tried it yet! I do intend to at some point but atm i’m just using water and dabbing some apple cider vinegar on my face. The acidity helps kill of bacteria therefore no spots! and toned face~ 

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im really tempted to try bar shampoo after reading all your posts. i hate showering and i know its super gross but sometimes i just get really depressed and its hard to do, but when my hair gets greasy after like a day/two days i HAVE to

I was having the same problem! I just stopped caring about my appearance for about a year before I discovered the wonder of shampoo bars! :D  (beware the wall of text D:)

I have found that by cutting SLS products out of my daily routine I don’t feel so dirty by day 3 without a shower (depending on the weather of course) i’ve stopped using shower gel and wash with water only now~ :) This saves a lot of time and money! This includes shampoo!

My scalp needed a little while to adjust but it now produces less thick and gross sebum (oil) that doesn’t really feel dirty just like i oiled it with coconut oil or something. :) I’m also trying to stretch washes so that my scalp produces less sebum! Some people can go 10 days without washing their hair because their hair just doesn’t get oily so fast. 

Once you start using the shampoo bar you won’t be stripping your hair of it’s natural oils so your scalp won’t go into sebum production overdrive! Also dry shampoo is your friend~ Not the gross store bought cans, baking soda or corn starch will absorb the excess oils if you want to avoid having a shower that day. :)

I would give them a go as you aren’t going to lose anything bar the oily scalp! :D This site is really helpful when you are going to switch from commercial shampoo’s to shampoo bars but there are organic shampoo’s without SLS or other nasties in it that are really good!

Thanks, I think I’ll order some samples! :)

You won’t regret it! It may take a while to get used to using a bar instead of liquid but it’s worth it~ You would be advised to use a type of alcoholic vinegar rinse afterwards for de-tangling and if you live in a hard water area, just plain old white wine vinegar is good!

Yes, I use Aubrey shampoo. I wouldn’t mind trying a shampoo bar though! :)

If you live in America this site has some wonderful looking bars *-* Sadly I live in the uk and the postage is waaaay too expensive for just a shampoo bar (which in itself is not expensive) so I had to find an alternative which led me to this little site where my lovely shampoo bar comes from. :3

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Some people tolerate SLS, but I’m not one of them. SLS shampoo makes my scalp flake like crazy. SLS toothpaste makes my mouth break out in painful little sores. It’s horrible. I have used Jason toothpaste for years now and will never go back.

It’s great to hear you found a good SLS free toothpaste! :D I was afraid I would have to make mine (although I have almost all the ingredients now..) before I found my greenpeople toothpaste! :3 My mouth feels much cleaner than it did before as well~

SLS shampoos just made me horribly greasy, I think my poor scalp is recovering now! Have you found a good shampoo as well? :) I am loving my current shampoo bar, rosemary and tea tree which smells so good! It leaves my hair silky and healthy looking as opposed to the dry, flyaway and static state it was in before. 

I have gone back to using their moisturising shampoo as I couldn’t get on with the bars. They kept making my hair sticky! I use coconut oil instead of conditioner too. Only a teeny bit though, you don’t need much.

I may have put a whole tablespoon on my hair (mistake) but my hair felt so soft afterwards.. XD I only put it on the ends now as they need protection and moisture (they are more absorbent than the hair near the scalp) because my shampoo bar has coconut oil in it. :3 

It took me a while to get the hang of of it but the internet is very helpful there~ You need the run it down the length and lather the scalp then repeat this so that the hair feels different in the shower, that means it has worked. I read somewhere that you shampoo once to get rid of dirt then another for something else (i have a very bad memory but it was on the long hair community) so this applies to shampoo bars. They are a shampoo and conditioner all in one. :3

Do you have hard water per chance? If so you should definitely do a vinegar rinse as explained here. :) 

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Hey friend! I saw your SLS post and while I totally respect your decision not to use it, I just thought I'd let you know, as somebody who works in the cosmetics industry, that SLS is actually perfectly safe to use and the initial studies, as well as the follow-up tests that attempted to prove it as harmful were not only disproven countless times, but also found to have utlised incredibly tainted and unstable lab conditions and unethical animal testing. I thought I'd let you know as....

This is just my findings with SLS- i’m just trying to help other people who may be in my situation, plus I completely trust this site and they have earned themselves a lifelong customer. :) my flaky red itchy hands that looked like gloves from where I washed with a SLS handwash don’t lie to me.

I’ve been suffering with it for years up until a random doctor I was seeing for something else entirely took one look at my hands and said I was allergic to soap. My evidence for this is as soon as I stopped washing with the stuff my hands cleared up. The chemicals and parfum were just too harsh for my skin.

My mum and the rest of my family are fine and will continue to use their SLS handwashes, bodywashes, shampoos ect ect so I won’t be making a dent in your business, i’m sure, but I’d rather not have the horrible red inflamed hands and still be able to wash my them. :)

I’ve done a lot of research and what turned up only served to dissuade me further from the SLS based products. I’ve always wondered how people got on before all these fancy products for every purpose imaginable came into existence.. and they got on fine!

This is just my experience, LUSH has an article about why they use it in their shampoo bars but I prefer my lovely sls free ones. :)They clean just as well as the sls because you don’t really need it. My hair has never felt so healthy and is less greasy than it has ever been. I always had greasy hair the next day, I looked like an oil slick, and since using my shampoo bars i’ve noticed that is much less thick and slimy oil that is produced now than before.

Don’t even get me started on toothpaste, I just think that something that is used as an engine degreaser shouldn’t be anywhere near your body.

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I’m super allergic to SLS and have been using GP products for about a year. I hope you enjoy them too :)

I really love this site! :D I’m so glad I stumbled upon it~ I was desperately searching supermarkets for a toothpaste without any horrible chemicals when I came across a toothpaste from greenpeople on tesco’s! It was a bit expensive on there (as tesco’s needs profit from supplying it) so I searched for the greenpeople site and voila! 

My teeth are so much whiter now, they’ve always been a dingy yellowy colour which I hated but no matter which colgate brand my mum bought with it’s advertisements of white teeth they never got any whiter. The greenpeople site doesn’t even advertise the whitening effects yet my teeth are now whiter than they have ever been with colgate.